Green Pass Check-in

Have fun on the slopes safely with Safe2Ski

Safe2Ski Check-in: Combine your Green Pass with your ski pass every day to access the ski lifts of Bormio and Santa Caterina ( Sample check will be carried out in the Cima Piazzi-San Colombano ski area).

From 1 January 2022 to access the closed lifts in the Bormio ski area, the ski pass must be linked every day with a valid personal Green Pass directly from this page.

  • If you buy at the ticket office, the link of the Green Pass with the ski pass (for the first day of skiing) is done directly by our ticket office staff.
    For the following ski days, proceed with the pairing directly online on this page or on the Safe2Ski portal. If you are unable to do so or need assistance, you can make the match at the ticket office, at the automatic cash machine or ask for help to our stewards.
  • If you buy online and you already have the Snowitcard you can do the pairing directly online. In the order confirmation email you will be provided with the Snowitcard identification code necessary to make the pairing.
  • If you buy online and you do not have a Snowitcard, you will need to collect the card at the ticket office. Once the online ski pass has been activated, you can pair the Green Pass at the ticket office, at the automatic cash machine or at the stewards. For further purchases, you will recharge your Snowitcard and make the Green Pass pairing directly online.
  • If you use the MyPass pay per use service, you must pair your Green Pass through the MyPass Ski application.
  • We remind you that even seasonal ski pass holders must combine their Green Pass every time they go skiing by choosing from the methods described above.
  • If you do not have a QR code on your valid COVID certificate, please contact our ticket office staff directly. They will link your certificate with your lift ticket manually.

Online Green Pass Check-in

    Click on the Safe2Ski link. Follow the simple instructions that guide you to match your green certification to your ski pass.
    The pairing must be repeated every day you go skiing.

If you do not have the ski pass codes or if the activation is not successful, you can go to the ticket office, the automatic cashier machine or ask the stewards.
You can upload the Green Pass certificate through the smartphone or PC camera, alternatively you can upload the pdf or image of the certificate that will be read and not stored.