Ski + spa

Bormio Pass: ski + spa. No more stress during your holiday!

With Bormio Pass you get 110 kilometers of ski slopes and the best spa in Europe. With the innovative Bormio Pass we wanted to combine the two key elements of Bormio’s perfect holiday, that are ski and spa, in order to avoid yourself the stress of repeated and long waits at too many ticket offices.


Buying the card gives you the chance to to ski within one great ski area made of three mountains (Santa Caterina, Bormio, Cima Piazzi-San Colombano) and relax at the QC Terme spa, Bagni Nuovi or Bagni Vecchi.

You can buy from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 8 services usable within 8 days since your purchase date. “Services” are meant as one daily entrance to the lifts or one daily entrance to QC Terme spa.

The two key elements of Bormio’s perfect holiday are ski and spa. Bormio is the wellness mountain!


Bormio Pass 2018/2019 prices

  • 2 services ski/spa | € 91.00
  • 3 services ski/spa | € 135.00
  • 4 services ski/spa | € 174.00
  • 5 services ski/spa | € 210.00
  • 6 services ski/spa | € 234.00
  • 8 services ski/spa | € 280.00



  • Offer valid from December 22, 2018 to April 7, 2019
  • Unique rate – No reduction for age
  • The card is strictly personal
  • From 12/22/2018 to 1/6/2019 the entance to the spas is available only from 5:30 pm
  • Bormio Pass may be purchased at the ticket offices of the lifts in Bormio, Santa Caterina and Cima Piazzi-San Colombano or comfortably in hotel